Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post Match: Redbulls Fall to Columbus Crew 2 - 0

First place was within our grasp and has now turned into a 5 point lead for Columbus Crew.  Emilio Renteria found a beautifully well placed pass from Guillermo Barros Schelotto and fired one off into the back of the net at minute 20.  Brian Carroll took advantage of a poorly placed corner kick clearance by Tim Ream at minute 48 and found net with a 20 yard rocket.

Overall, this was an extremely lazy performance by the Redbulls.  The midfield played with little to no energy.  The passing game was atrocious.  The Crew were able to fully capitalize on this sleepy appearance.  The reintroduction of Carl Robinson seemed to inspire some life; however, it far too late in the game to make a difference.  It is quite apparent that there is a lack of a commanding figure in the midfield.  They have proven themselves to be reactive at best.  I am ecstatic that Henry has signed to the Redbulls; however, how effective can he really be with little help from his brethren behind him?  The 3rd Designated Player rumors are still swirling and Rafa Marquez's name seems to be number one on the list.  I really hope that this is the man we are after.  Otherwise, we might as well setup a cots for Juan Pablo and Thierry on field so they can at least grab 90 minutes beauty sleep.  That is enough time for a full REM cycle!

Thierry makes his debut this Thursday against the Tottenham Spurs.  If the Bulls plan on seeing even one win serious changes need to be made.  What changes need to be made?  Let me in the comment's box.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New York Redbulls @ Columbus Crew 7:30 PM ET (MSG): The Battle for First

TH14 is here and a member of the New York Redbulls.  You got it.... good!  Now it's time to shift your attention to more important matters.  The Bulls desperately need 3 points on the board today to place them at 29 points and clinch the #1 Eastern Conference spot.  A tie or loss simply isn't an option.  Let's all hope that our boys realize that they made it to #2 without TH14 and capitalize on the excitement of his arrival.

Last weeks match against DC United left a sour taste.  There were a handful of opportunities but no follow through in the end.  Bouna Coundoul caught a nasty shot to the ribs.  Hopefully he is feeling fit and ready for battle.  While the Crew may be down at the moment, coming off 2 games without a win, it would be foolish to count them as out.    Watching highlights of the Crew's last 2 matches, it would appear that the Columbus Crew defense has been struggling with well placed through passes.  The Bulls will need to keep the ball well under control and take advantage.

I believe the key to this game will be a strong defensive effort and a patient and persistent offense.  I am personally a fan of Seth Stammler.  Some NYRB fans find his long distance antics frustrating.  I understand their frustration; however, I see tiny bits of improvement each game.  His crossbar grazing rocket last week against D.C. United is a great example.  That being said, I think Tony Tchani is the right man for the job today.  Stammler plays with a lot of heart and fights for the ball tooth and nail.  However, I think Tchani will be able to provide the control we need to get the job done.  A controlled midfield will be able to find Juan Pablo Angel in the box and allow the master to work his magic.

I am predicting a Redbulls 2 -  Crew 1 final score.  What are your thoughts on today's game?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Theirry Henry on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

Theirry Henry Press Efforts Lackluster

I spent some time earlier today listening to the Talking Bull Podcast.  Matt Conroy and Ben Schneider spent a few minutes discussing the Thierry Henry marketing efforts put forward by the MLS and New York Redbulls.  Their assessment... what marketing efforts?  I could not agree more.  Henry is a huge name in international soccer.  This man can make a lot of people plenty of money and increase the popularity of football in the US.  New York  Redbull marketing response... the picture above.

Henry is a marketing departments dream come true.  He is an international star and virtually unknown in the states.  This is the formula for monster hype!  A few ads around the stadium simply will not do the job.  What about television, billboards, magazines, radio, internet, AKA traditional marketing mediums!  Redbull Arena cost $200 million and yet they have decided to rely on a $4 can of spray paint!  Viral marketing is an amazing and effective approach for underground musicians.  However, Henry is no startup musician. The Redbulls need to stop preaching to the choir and start doing some real missionary work!

I am looking forward to watching TH14 step on the field for the first time on July 22.  I pray that the stadium is filled to the rafters and remains that way throughout the remainder of the season.  The press conference, NY Times ad, and  Jimmy Fallon appearance were steps in the right direction.  However, would you rely on Jimmy Fallon to fill your $200 million stadium?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Henry Press Conference Scheduled for 1:15 pm

The formal introduction of Mr. Henry is scheduled live today at 1:15 pm at RedBull Arena.  Watch online at

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NY Redbull Nation Welcomes Theirry Henry with Open Arms

The day has finally come!  This morning the rumor mill officially stopped turning and the news exploded all over the internet.  The NY Redbulls announced the signing of the one and only Thierry Henry.  While this wasn't completely unexpected, the impact can be felt around the MLS and World.  Redbull fans are salivating over the idea of having the #2 scorer in MLS, Juan Pablo Angel, paired with one of the world's most renowned strikers.  This combo will be the object of many keeper nightmare's.  The signing of Henry is the perfect touch to what is amounting to be an amazing inaugural season at Redbull Arena.  The addition of Henry only increases the chances of Redbull Arena matching a similar fate to that of the new Yankee stadium; in inaugural championship!

While Henry may lack the notoriety of one David Beckham, he brings something far better... Legitimacy.  Thierry is known for one thing and one thing only... his friendship with Steve Nash.  Alright forget that last part, you know what I meant!  The MLS and it's teams are fighting tooth and nail to inject soccer(football) into the veins of every American.  New stadiums are popping up all over the nation and big names are beggining to appear on roster's.  I can comfortably say that their efforts are working.  I have only been a Redbull fan for three months but the bug has bitten hard.   I, like many others who commute to NYC, watched Redbull Arena being built Monday through Friday.  Curiosity got the better of me and I finally broke down and bought a ticket.  All it took was 90 minutes to make me fall head over heals.  Some may argue that the MLS is a watered down version of world soccer.  However, star players like Henry increase the validity of American soccer and weaken the argument of the naysayers.  Redbull Arena was enough to peak my interest and entice me to the game.  I believe that Thierry may have the same effect on some of the the unconverted masses.

TH14 will be making his debut July 22, 2010 8:00PM ET (Fox Soccer Channel) when the Redbull's take on the Tottenham Hotspurs in the first round of the Barclay's New York Football Challenge at Redbull Arena.  Tickets may still available at

- Michael Rosabal