Friday, July 16, 2010

Theirry Henry Press Efforts Lackluster

I spent some time earlier today listening to the Talking Bull Podcast.  Matt Conroy and Ben Schneider spent a few minutes discussing the Thierry Henry marketing efforts put forward by the MLS and New York Redbulls.  Their assessment... what marketing efforts?  I could not agree more.  Henry is a huge name in international soccer.  This man can make a lot of people plenty of money and increase the popularity of football in the US.  New York  Redbull marketing response... the picture above.

Henry is a marketing departments dream come true.  He is an international star and virtually unknown in the states.  This is the formula for monster hype!  A few ads around the stadium simply will not do the job.  What about television, billboards, magazines, radio, internet, AKA traditional marketing mediums!  Redbull Arena cost $200 million and yet they have decided to rely on a $4 can of spray paint!  Viral marketing is an amazing and effective approach for underground musicians.  However, Henry is no startup musician. The Redbulls need to stop preaching to the choir and start doing some real missionary work!

I am looking forward to watching TH14 step on the field for the first time on July 22.  I pray that the stadium is filled to the rafters and remains that way throughout the remainder of the season.  The press conference, NY Times ad, and  Jimmy Fallon appearance were steps in the right direction.  However, would you rely on Jimmy Fallon to fill your $200 million stadium?

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