Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post Match: Redbulls Fall to Columbus Crew 2 - 0

First place was within our grasp and has now turned into a 5 point lead for Columbus Crew.  Emilio Renteria found a beautifully well placed pass from Guillermo Barros Schelotto and fired one off into the back of the net at minute 20.  Brian Carroll took advantage of a poorly placed corner kick clearance by Tim Ream at minute 48 and found net with a 20 yard rocket.

Overall, this was an extremely lazy performance by the Redbulls.  The midfield played with little to no energy.  The passing game was atrocious.  The Crew were able to fully capitalize on this sleepy appearance.  The reintroduction of Carl Robinson seemed to inspire some life; however, it far too late in the game to make a difference.  It is quite apparent that there is a lack of a commanding figure in the midfield.  They have proven themselves to be reactive at best.  I am ecstatic that Henry has signed to the Redbulls; however, how effective can he really be with little help from his brethren behind him?  The 3rd Designated Player rumors are still swirling and Rafa Marquez's name seems to be number one on the list.  I really hope that this is the man we are after.  Otherwise, we might as well setup a cots for Juan Pablo and Thierry on field so they can at least grab 90 minutes beauty sleep.  That is enough time for a full REM cycle!

Thierry makes his debut this Thursday against the Tottenham Spurs.  If the Bulls plan on seeing even one win serious changes need to be made.  What changes need to be made?  Let me in the comment's box.

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